Legion is Coming

Legion is coming, and I jumped back into World of Warcraft after a year and a half hiatus. I started with the Legion pre-expansion quests and holy hell (heh. pun intended). Vol’jin and Varian Wrynn are boss. But I won’t give any spoilers here, you can get your spoilers from the first 30 seconds of your Legion quest. Thanks, other players on the boat to Broken Isles.

After the quest line, I did what everybody who preordered the digital version of the game did. I made a Demon Hunter. The questline had really interesting lore, and hot damn, did I miss you, Illidan. I was not prepared.

Speaking of prepared. There’s a talent for DPS Demon Hunters called Prepared. And since I did not select that particular talent, I am not Prepared. Literally.

It’s important to note that if you pick up a Demon Hunter class, it may break you for any other class with two moves. The first is Fel Rush. As someone who’s main is a class with one sub-par AOE spell (*cough* Enhancement Shaman *cough*), Fel Rush felt like a game changer to me. Farming old dungeons and raids is not only easier but significantly quicker using my Demon Hunter. I also feel like a samurai, because the movement is a super fast forward dash, using the warglaives to slice everything around me.

The other move I love is double jump, which also comes with a glide. What I mean is if you jump, you can jump again at the peak of your first jump, and if you hit jump again, you trigger the glide. I use this constantly, especially going down hills or stairs. I find the double jump and glide move the character faster than standard running on its own. I farmed Stonecore for Slabhide to get the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, and when I ran the length of the room at him, he turned attack-able right as I got to him. When using the double jump and glide, I got to him before he turned attack-able. Also, the mount dropped after about 60 runs. Super hyped. If only Huolon would drop for me… I think I’m clocked at over 300 attempts.

If the move-set wasn’t so limited and had a heal, I would consider switching my main to a Demon Hunter. As it stands, I still love my Enhance Shaman, even if I keep trying to double jump while using her with zero success.

I’m also back to achievement whoring, particularly mount farming. Actually, I’m in the process of making a little treat for my fellow WoW mount-obsessed friends: a downloadable .pdf checklist of every mount obtainable mount that’s farmable. The list does not include TCG, Blizzard store, or Recruit a Friend mounts or mounts that no longer exist. But that will be a separate post for a later day once I finish it. I’m getting really close, but there’s so many mounts, I want to double and triple check that I haven’t left any out.

In closing, I am hyped for Legion. I am hyped to be back into WoW. And Demon Hunters are boss. But not as boss as Vol’jin and Varian Wrynn.

-Fifi the Ninja





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