Style Savvy Fashion Forward Color Hunting

Finding Colors Like a Pro Without Spoilers

The most frustrating element of Style Savvy Fashion Forward, besides being a hairdresser, is color hunting. The talkative Color Lady gets your hopes up with every new photo you submit, only to let you down with the words “no color.” She can be found in Primrose Park, marked with a colored clover over her head, after she is unlocked from the main story line.

The Color Lady allows you to present photos of possible new colors. When presented with the correct photos, she will unlock new colors in your arsenal.

She will also show you the current color swatches, both what you have unlocked and what you haven’t. Colors you haven’t unlocked will be displayed as an empty bottle with a “?” on it. It also gives you a name for the missing color.

I will use an example through the the rest of this post. To prevent spoilers, I’m going to use an object that doesn’t exist: say, a fire hydrant located in Cafetiere Close near the live music venue that unlocks a vibrant red.

Step 1: Get a Clue

Clues to find these colors are given by townspeople with colorful exclamation points over their heads. It is important to write these down, since many of these photos cannot be taken right away and may be dependent on a specific time of day or season. Some colors can only be found at night. Some colors can only be found in winter. And those are just a few examples.

Say the person’s clue is the red fire hydrant that unlocks a purple color. There’s a good chance you may need to take a photo of the hydrant at night.

You can also use the names on the unknown colors to give you hints as to where you get the colors. You do not need to get a clue from a person in order to unlock a color. Say, for instance, your empty bottle is named “Hydrant Red.” It’s pretty obvious you need a photo of that hydrant.

Step 2: Take Your Shot

There may be multiple ways to see an object, but only one right way to snap the photo of it. I know your frustration when the Color Lady doesn’t see a color. Don’t lose hope and try a different angle.

1. When you enter Cafetiere Close, you have the cafe, the live music venue, and the Beautician. If you stay on this map, the upper screen will rotate to various vantage points. In one of these vantage points, the hydrant is in the background, so you snap a photo.

2. Sometimes you need to talk to someone standing in front of the object. Note, the background of your conversation changes depending on where the person you are speaking to is standing in front of.

3. For instance, using our previous example, say three people are standing in Cafetiere Close. One is next to the cafe, one in front of the live music venue, and one near the Beautician. The red fire hydrant will be in the background if you have a conversation with the person standing in front of the live music venue.

4. Sometimes you may need to find a person with a pink music note above their head to trigger a conversation. This conversation will either lead to an minor event or they will give you a personal tour of the item they are standing in front of. Only when you are touring that item will you snap the correct photo.

5. Similar to number 4, you can get a customer in your boutique with a pink music note. The customer may invite you out to a location. Always take photos when you’re out at minor events, because they may be the angle you need or a new item that you need may appear.

I hope these tips have helped. And if you are looking for spoilers, I used this page right here in my own game. I’m not as patient as some of you.


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