Game Review: Tuber Simulator

pewdiepie's tuber simulator

Tuber Simulator, created by YouTuber PewDiePie, is a free game with in-app purchases available on mobile devices. The mechanics involve creating videos (choosing from a selection based on category) and accumulating views and subscribers. Views are used as currency to purchase items while subscribers allow a player to progress through the game by unlocking gated perks.

The game allows a player to decorate his or her room however they wish with unlocked items. The items fall into the same categories as the videos: beauty, lifestyle, gaming, sports, music, science, comedy, animals, nature, and dark. Each purchase provides experience to level up the category as well as the player’s level. Each player level unlocks more expensive items, and each category level generates more views for videos of the same type.

tuber simulator categories tuber simulator room

Opinion Incoming

Let’s start with a TLDR and a quote from Aladdin’s Genie: I like it way much.

Now, I’ll preface my full opinion by saying that I’m not a PewDiePie fan-girl. I don’t watch him on YouTube, and I don’t particularly like his content. His “bro talk” is a bit off-putting for me. That said, he’s crafted a fantastic game that’s unique and super addictive.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I saw something about Tuber Simulator the day it came out. I looked it up on the Google Play store, and I was struck by the art style. It has a retro pixel feel that held an air of nostalgia to me, growing up on old-gen Nintendo systems. Pewdiepie himself (as a cartoon) takes you through the tutorial and talks to you throughout the game. I think the dialogue is well-written and funny, and there’s a face or two he makes that’s quite humorous.

pewdiepie dialogue

I discovered other features that add a depth to the game and make it feel less like a wait-fest. A Sponser Eagle will fly across the screen. Tap him and earn random views, subscribers, and bux if you’re lucky. Can’t wait for your new item to ship? Play the Puggle minigame to shorten delivery time. You can also complete quests in the map tab and participate in events in the social tab.

sponsor eagle   puggle game tuber simulator quests

I am currently level 14, and I’ve found the best way to play in levels 10+ is to keep the game open while working on something else. The music is a catchy retro beat, like old-school gaming soundtracks, and I had no trouble listening to it with my headphones on for a long period of time. Once you hear the eagle, grab him. This is the fastest way to accumulate views, as the eagle often drops caches of 20,000+ viewers at my current level. I’m pretty sure the amount depends on how many brain points you have dumped into your Sponsor Eagle. I got 100,000 this morning.

Some things I love:

  • The streaming feature allows you to accumulate views when not actively playing the game. I recommend putting as many talent (err… brain?) points into this as soon as possible to make the most of your time away.
  • Bux are the in-app purchase currency and allow you to purchase special items. I put down $5 in the game and was able to get a decent desk, outfit, and computer chair to make my character look less generic. I was also able to expand my room quite a bit. Bux are really easy to come by if you’re active in the game, so even if you choose not to use your own money in the game, you’ll still be able to take advantage of bux-priced items.
  • You can stack items on top of each other, which makes for some pretty boss customization and space-saving options.
  • There’s holiday updates! I thought for sure this would be just a straight-forward game with no additional content save for what’s unlocked with each level. No. They introduced Halloween items this week, and I love them. The more items we can customize with, the better.

tuber simulator halloween


What I don’t like:

The only thing that’s really bugged me in this game is moving items around.When moving items around a full room, they tend to snap to only locations they can be placed. I feel that items should move freely around, having a red overlay if they are someplace they can’t be put. Stacking items on surfaces is sometimes a challenge, as you’ll find yourself moving your finger in circles trying to get the item to snap on top of a table or the desk. Small items on the desk are especially hard to move. You have to zoom in super close to grab the item, otherwise you’ll grab the whole desk.

I also don’t like that the items don’t have names. There’s a few items (especially in the sports category) that I have no idea what they are.


– Fifi the Ninja

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