Christmas Haul: Legend of Zelda Trading Cards and Lego Cats

Merry Christmas!

I had a low-key Christmas where my husband and I exchanged gifts. Every year, we also do up each others’ stockings. Here’s my haul for this year:

Christmas 2016 haul

I asked him for the Zelda Vans shoes for Christmas, and he came through. They’re a little snug, so we have to return them and get a size up. All the stocking stuffers, he picked on his own. The stand-outs are the Zelda trading cards and the photography Lego set.

My husband and I have a long history of collecting Magic: The Gathering cards. He has giant boxes stuffed tot he brim the cards. We also have a binder with nearly the full set of Avacyn Restored. I also have a binder full of MTG angels and cats.

Zelda trading cards

My husband gave me a starter kit of the Legend of Zelda Trading Card set. It came with a double-sided poster with the card list on the back side, a Hylian crest pin,  four booster packs, and an exclusive gold foil Midna card. I’m gonna make like Pokemon and catch them all. I really love the Majora’s Mask cards and the 9 location cards that form an Epona puzzle on the back.

Another fun story about my husband and I. We have two cats, Cinna and Cypher. We spend too much time taking photos of my cats, me in particular. If the internet was made for anything, it was for cat pictures. If you own a cat, you are required by the Cat Owner’s Guide to upload pictures of your fuzzy baby for the whole world to see.

Lego photograohy set

My husband saw this Lego set and said “holy S#%@, that’s Felicia.” He’s not wrong. I LOLed IRL when I pulled this out of my stocking.

I also got a Ravenclaw sweater from my mom that I’ve already washed and worn since Friday. My sister, PassACookie, sent me an otter Alex and Ani bracelet set. ChaiDuck, my bestie, gave me a spa gift card that we’re going to plan out a 30th Birthday Adventure with. I can’t wait. And last, but certainly not least, a good friend of mine made me this super adorable crocheted pokeball. I promptly threw it at my husband and said “I choose you!”

crochet pokeball

I know my brother is sending me something, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Speaking of arrived, my brother and his wife had their baby this week! Squeeeeeee! He showed up three weeks early, just in time for Christmas. Hot damn, I haven’t seen such a cute little infant since PassACookie’s son was a wee one.  I got him the I bought him this adorable Build-A-Bear Charmander and made the Chamander noises on the voice box myself. Actually, I really want one of these for myself.

build a bear charmander

What’s your favorite surprise you got for your holiday celebration? Let me know in the comments below.

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