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Hi. My name is Fifi, and I have a confession to make. I write and edit on the Harvest Moon Wikipedia. If that’s not a giant peacock feather in my nerd cap, I don’t know what is. Perhaps my 10 years of World of Warcraft, but I digress.

In early 2016, I got sucked into writing and editing video game Wikipedias. It started with Hometown Story, a Harvest Moon branch game. I watched a Let’s Play on YouTube and noticed the comments section was full of questions in every video. After checking the Wikipedia and finding almost no information on the obtaining and use of the important items, I filled it in as I watched.

I branched to Stardew Valley, filling in the important information and events around Sam. Much of that information is there to this day. Now I’m back again with a new Natsume title, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

Editing and writing on the Wikipedias happened as a natural transition for me. For one, I have a background in coding websites, so I took to the new language fairly quickly. The second reason, and perhaps also the main reason I like to write, is I love to teach and help people learn.

Wikis tend to be the first place a person looks when seeking an answer or wanting to know more about something. If it doesn’t exist on a Wiki, people will often turn to other websites and forums, like Gamefaqs or Reddit, in desperation. I love filling in missing information so someone can quickly search and have what they need without having to comb the internet.

Often, people have the same questions like, in Skytree Village: “Well, the first mine opened, how do I get a hammer?” “How do you get the crop mutations?” I had to dig for the answers, and I tested most of the crop mutations myself. If I can help someone with an easy answer or convenient location to reference, I’ve done my job.

amazon Skytree Village bundle product shot       20161213_164100

A quick side story – When I purchased Skytree Village, I noticed there was a bundle with a cat plush. Of course, I couldn’t say no because cats. Note how the cat in the first picture (ripped from Amazon) shows what appears to be a small cat plush. When the box came, I double checked the shipping label that it came from Natsume. Needless to say, the cat plush was much larger than it appeared on screen. ❤

-Fifi The Ninja



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