Etsy Spotlight: Zelda Window Valance by HoldYourCrochet

FZelda Valanceor years, I’ve wanted to make a room in my house Zelda themed. With a new house, the opportunity presented itself in the kitchen. Before we moved in, my husband and I were walking through Target, looking at the home decor. He stopped me in the drawer pull aisle and said “you can get rupees on Etsy, right?” I affirmed his question. He picked up the least expensive cabinet door knobs, made of a plain wood, and told me that he could saw the top off and mount the acrylic rupees on. But, acrylic rupees are not what we’re here for today.

I started with something easy – red, blue, and green hand towels which can also be used in the Harry Potter bathroom. I bought them for $7 each at Target. Then, I turned to the kitchen window. Whenever a nerdy need arises (like my wedding), I turn to Etsy. A quick search for “Zelda curtains” brought me to HoldYourCrochet.

zelda stained glass fabric

I particularly like the stained glass pattern, since I foresee it going well with the acrylic rupee knobs that will be a project down the road. The black background of the valance brings the heaviness of the black granite up, breaking up the line of stark white walls and cabinets.

It took awhile for the valance to come. I ordered it on April 22nd, and it arrived on May 5th. It went up easily with a tension rod, and it looks great. I paired it with a stained glass star lantern that the flower girl held in my wedding. The lantern, as luck would have it, is all the colors of the Zelda rupees: green, blue, red, orange, and purple.

Frisge and pantryI will be back to this shop for a full-length curtain. The builders of this house placed the pantry kitty-corner to the fridge, so the fridge door opens right into the pantry door. My husband suggested we remove the pantry door altogether and replace it with a curtain so the fridge door can open all the way.

If you’re in the market for nerdy window dressings or shower curtains, this is the Etsy shop for you. They make them in Mario, Star Wars, and Marvel/DC characters, too.

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