Designing with a Theme – Featuring my Cat Bathroom

It’s no secret that I have an obsession with felines. My name is Felicia, after all. My husband is also a cat person and if you follow TripleXP on Facebook, you know all about our two fur babies.

Designing a cat-themed bathroom is easy, right? After all, Bed Bath and Beyond has a super cute cat bathroom set. But there are things that need to be considered. To purchase the whole set, it would cost $250. When you still don’t have a living room couch and have a large, empty house to decorate, $250 is a lot.

This is also true for any theme. Run a quick eBay or Amazon search, and you’re bound to find a hundred items that will work in your desired theme. Over-theming can look messy and cluttered, and it can be pricey.

black cat noren Pick a focal point.

For us, it started with the layout of our bathroom. As you can see, there’s an extra doorway that separates the sink area from the shower and toilet. From the start, I knew I wanted to hang some kind of divider so we could both use it at the same time if needed.That divider would become the focal point since it will obscure the shower curtain behind it.

Our bedroom Japanese in theme, so I started looking up noren on Amazon. Noren are Japanese fabric dividers used in doorways and windows. They have slits, which makes it a good choice for frequently used doorways. I found this black cat noren and knew it would be perfect.

cat candle holderConsider what you already have.

I picked the black cat noren for two reasons, and those reasons I already owned. Note the small, black cat figures on the vanity. They were part of the topper on our wedding cake, so they hold sentimental weight. Second, these cat candle holders were handed down to me by my grandmother before she passed away. This pair fills the unreachable space above our linen shelves and matches the black cats on the noren.

We also have black towels already, so purchasing cat-themed towels didn’t seem necessary. And as far as shower rings, we used the ones from our old bathroom. Paw print hooks are cute, but I can use that $15 savings toward a wall print.

cat shower curtainConsider what you actually need.

We reused most of our old bathroom items in the second bathroom, the one that would be used most by guests. For sure, we needed a shower curtain, and Bed Bath and Beyond’s cat shower curtain fit the part. The shower area is small, so a white-based curtain kept it light and open.

We also needed a place to hang a towel. We didn’t spend more than $25 on a silver one from Lowes. No need to get fancy. We can later add a print or clock of some kind above it.


Consider the function.

The best example I have of this is the trash can, which you can barely see peeking out next to the toilet. My husband and I both agree that lidded trash cans are the way to go in the whole house. We had a Simple Human trash can in our old bathroom and moved it to the second bathroom in the new house. We bought a second because we loved it so much. Spending $20 for a trash can we knew we loved versus a $40 cat trash can (though adorable and matches the shower curtain) was the best option. I will, however, be purchasing this cat toilet brush caddy to sit next to it.

We used our floor rugs in the second bathroom, so of course, we needed new ones in the master bathroom. I did not go with the cat rug from the set for a few reasons. To start with, I needed 3 rugs, one for the shower and each sink, and three of those rugs would be way too much. Also, I am partial to foam rugs and it was too plain for the all the white on the walls. We needed a bit more color since most of the other accessories are black. I pulled the coral color from the noren and it works. The two sink mats alone cost as much as one cat rug.


Theme of Theming

I picked up this style when I planned my wedding. As nerds with our closely held fandoms, we want it all. But when it comes to design and budget, splurge on your focal pieces that you love, re-use things you have, and the less important stuff you don’t need to spend a lot on.



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