Living Room Progress – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Empty Living Room

Progress is happening in the living room. We’ve been in the new house for a month, and all we’ve had in this room since we moved is this chair. I saw it in a local consignment shop before we closed on the house, and I fell in love with it. The chair will not remain in this location when the couch goes in, but it is here for the purposes of this post below.

wayfair appThis sounds like a non-sequitur, but I promise it’s not. I am obsessed with the Wayfair mobile app. It’s similar to Pinterest where you can create boards and save items into it. Note the image here is a screenshot from my Living Room board, and please note the price of the couch. One of the best things about this app is you can monitor your selected items. Wayfair is currently having a Memorial Day sale through June 6, and the couch I want dropped below $1,000. We ordered it immediately. We selected the “Sienna” color, which is a rusty red like that in the chair.

As a random aside, can I just say that Trent Austin Half-Clock table is stunning? I’ve been feeling the industrial vibe lately. I blame my love of Steampunk.

Anyway, that whole story is a preface for the blank wall above the chair. My husband wants a mirror since the only windows in our whole downstairs floor are the sliding glass doors in the dining room and the one above the kitchen sink.

My plan for the living room is a travel theme – a video game travel theme. I collect video game maps, as you can see from my previous post. I’ve done hours of research on mirrors and have narrowed it down to three. These three mirrors, though not intentionally nerdy, can be. I’ve used my graphic design skills to mock up the images below. Each mirror is follows two stipulations: it must be about 2-feet in length/height and less than $100.

black lotus mirrorBlack Lotus

My husband and I met and fell in love over the words “you play Magic the Gathering, too?” The most iconic card in MTG is the Black Lotus, one of the fabled Power 9 and a card worth thousands of dollars. I found this Brienne Metal Wall Flower Mirror on Wayfair. It comes in black iron and gives that lotus vibe. At 2-feet wide, this mirror clocks in around $70. If you want to go for a black lotus vibe on a lesser budget, any floral mirror can be painted black, or you can try a DIY floral spoon mirror.

I love this mirror, but I think it may look best in our bedroom, which also has black iron accents. That being said, this room will also have black bookcases and TV stand.

triangle triforce mirrorTriforce

I love that triangles are a current design trend because it makes Zelda decor a snap. I saw this Threshold 3-Piece Triangle Mirror walking through Target and nearly died. For only $25, I can put a triforce on my wall and still have money in the budget to paint it gold (maybe. I think the walnut looks nice on its own). The triangles jut out from a wall like shelves so I could put a Link, Zelda, and Gannon Amiibo in their respective Triforce piece to symbolize power, courage, and wisdom.

For the price, I will probably do this at some point, but in a different room of the house. Perhaps to go in my Zelda kitchen. Out of the three, this mirror is the smallest with each section being 10″ in length for a total of 20″ across the bottom if mounted in a Triforce pattern.

round pokeball mirrorPokeballs

As I combed through Wayfair in bed one evening, I stumbled on this Round Wall Mirror by World Menagerie and it made me stop. The way the metal supports wrap around the back make the smaller circles look like pokeballs. And just like pokeballs, these circles have a variety of colors. I leaned over to my husband and said “Hey, what does this look like to you?” “Pokeballs,” he confirmed. Both of us are Pokemon fans.

At 2.5-feet in diameter, this is the largest of the three and priced at around $90. This is the one I am most leaning towards, since it has multiple earth-tone colors that will tie in both the maps and the rusty red of the furniture.

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