Zelda Alphabet Perler Wall Blocks

zelda abc wall blocks

I helped my sister hang these Zelda ABC blocks on the wall. They’ve been in a box since my sister moved into her new house months ago. We went with this simple configuration so she can mount shelves underneath it with all of my nephew’s trains and so he can easily read the letters from his crib.

This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made. It was my baby shower gift to my sister when my nephew still had 3 months until his arrival. Each canvas is 4″ x 4″, and I painted them in the colors to match his room. I then tinted each paint with white to add a small background touch. I made each perler individually and mounted them onto the canvases. Volvagia was the only one that didn’t have a pre-existing pattern, so I made him based off a Rayquaza pattern. The whole project took a whole month to make.

A = Arrow
B = Bomb & Bombachu (Ocarina of Time)
C = Cucco (Link to the Past)
D = Deku (Majora’s Mask)
E = Epona
F = Fairy (Link to the Past)
G = Gannon (Link to the Past)
H = Heart Piece
I = Ice Rod (Link to the Past)
J = Joy Pendant (Wind Waker)
K = Boss Key (Link to the Past)
L = Link, of course. (Link tot he Past)
M = Map (Link to the Past)
N = Net (Link to the Past) & Navi (Ocarina of Time)
O = Ocarina (Link to the Past)
P = Poe (Link tot he Past)
Q = Quake Medallion (Link to the Past)
R = Rupees
S = Master Sword
T = Triforce
U = Ulrira (Link’s Awakening)
V = Volvagia (Ocarina of Time)
W = Wind Waker (Wind Waker)
X = EliXir Soup (Wind Waker)
Y = Yellow Chu (Wind Waker)
Z = Zelda, of course. (Link to the Past)

Zelda ABC blocks Zelda ABC blocks

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