Fifi’s E3 Wrap Up

Here’s my recap of the E3 announcements I am most excited about. Overall, I was impressed with Ubisoft and Microsoft – though I have no interest in an XBOX ONE X, I am considering keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals on the XBOX ONE. Also, Nintendo killed it, too. I knew with the lackluster lineup in January with the Switch’s announcement, E3 would be stocked. They didn’t disappoint.

Bethesda, however, broke my heart. As an East-Coaster, I stayed up until 1 AM the night before a big interview to be sorely disappointed. They shoveled meh content onto pre-existing games and introduced crowd favorites like Fallout 4 and Skyrim to VR. I don’t like returning to games I’ve finished, and I’m probably one of few people who isn’t hyped about VR. And sorry, ESO, but my heart belongs to Blizzard in the MMO world. I just wanted a hint of FallOut 5 or Elder Scrolls 6. Something. Anything.

Microsoft Conference

Anthem is a no brainer. I love a good open world game, but I fear I won’t be able to play this as a first player only. I’m not keen on Destiny, so I hope it’s not a Destiny clone like people are saying.

The Last Night is perhaps my biggest standout. The art style bashed me in my nostalgia feels, hearkening back to my point and click adventure days with Maniac Mansion. Is it a point and click adventure? I don’t know, but fingers crossed. It’s published by Raw Fury, who also has a point and click adventure (Kathy Rain) under their belt.

I won’t purchase an XBOX ONE solely for Super Lucky’s Tale (that would be Anthem if it pans out well), but I’d consider buying it if I get one. It has a Banjo-Kazooie/ 3D platform vibe that I dig.

Sony Conference

I probably won’t play it, but I will surely watch someone on Twitch play Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I don’t quite understand the need for a prequel, but I’m willing to find out.

Ubisoft Conference

I don’t generally like strategy turn-based RPGs, but I would try Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. If later trailers show it more akin to Mario RPG, I’d buy it for sure.

I’ve never played Beyond Good and Evil, but the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 looked killer. Definitely a game I’d play.

Just Dance 2017 is coming to the Switch? Take my money.

PC Conference

Ooblets is a cross between Harvest Moon and Pokemon with a dash of Recettear? I’d play it.

Tunic looks like one of those chill games with a soothing soundtrack. I’m keeping my ear to the ground on this one for further updates.


I haven’t been too jazzed about any of the Breath of the Wild DLCs 1 and 2, but that teaser for the third one has my interested piqued. I’ve seen theories of a 5th divine beast, and since this DLC is called the Ballad of the Champions, I hope the theory proves true. My biggest criticism of BotW is that I wanted more divine beasts. Please, please, please, Nintendo! Onegaishimasu!

What Nintendo fanboy/fangirl isn’t hyped for Super Mario Odyssey? Now that I’ve been able to see some true gameplay, my body is ready for this 3D open world platformer.

YASSSSSSSSSS! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope has been announced and is coming to the Switch! Natsume is getting better and better with their Harvest Moon games since their split, and judging by the brief gameplay I saw, it looks like their best one yet. I am disappointed to see Sam again, and I really wish they’d introduce a full cast of new characters.

They also announced a phone app game called Harvest Moon: Lil Farmers, and I will probably download it. I didn’t care much for their last app game, Seeds of Memories, but I hope they’ve continued to improve.

After Planet Robobot, I’m glad to see a new Kirby game is in the works for Switch. Looking at the trailer, there seem to be new elements, like friending enemies and new power combinations.



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