10 Tips: Postknight

Postknight griffondel levelsFor a simple auto-scrolling adventure, there are a lot of moving parts in Postknight. Here are 10 tips for making your gameplay more enjoyable and efficient. There may be some minor spoilers, but nothing story related.

1. Repeat Boss Levels

Need more gold? Want to level faster? Repeat the boss level in the previous town. Boss levels give exponentially more gold and XP than other levels in the area. For instance, in Gold Valley, the areas give around 7k, but Cryptic Hollow awards almost 50k.

Postknight Nightbane set2. One Armor Set Forever (Almost)

New gear, especially at a higher tier is always a welcoming sight in adventure games. However, don’t get too hasty and equip every new drop in Postknight. Instead, pick an epic (purple) gear set you like and work your tail off for it. Often the pieces are only available for purchase at that town’s merchant. Once you collect the set, upgrade each piece to the max. Once a weapon or piece of armor reaches 5-stars, it unlocks a bonus ability like increased critical percentages or life-stealing abilities. Combine your four pieces to get its set bonus on top of that, and you’ll be an unstoppable force for many towns to come.

In my own game, I grabbed the tier 3 Mistral Set and upgraded it completely. Though it took some time, I never needed to change anything out after that until I hit the last world. I found the combined 5 bonus traits to be better than any raw number upgrade from higher tier pieces. That saves you money and resources in later levels without having to constantly upgrade junk pieces of gear at each new level.

Postknight Valey of Gold3. Material Drops

As I mentioned before, boss levels give the most gold and experience for each run. You may be tempted to kill two birds with one stone and farm the boss levels when looking for specific materials, but don’t. Materials are dropped based on the enemy and not the world. For instance, when I needed Mimic Cores, the best place to farm them is the very first section of that world. Mimic Cores only drop from Mimics, and the first section has more of them than any other.

When you’re farming for a material, check your bag for the item’s description. It’ll tell you what mobs they drop from and you can formulate your plan of action from there.

Postknight Blitz Charge4. Sword and Shield Abilities

If you die in a level a few times, don’t take your gems to the innkeeper for a stat reset just yet. Switch your shield and/or sword abilities. Magic casting mobs might respond better to a full magic immunity shield or charging mobs with a stun shield. Play with various combinations, and most likely, you’ll find a combo that works better for that particular level.

5. Blitz Charge

As tempting as it is to rip through every stage with the double charge distance sword, don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking ridiculous amounts of damage when using it. Using it decreases the amount of time you take on mobs, giving you fewer instances of shielding up and using your potion. Because of this, you may find yourself dead rather quickly.

I find Blitz Charge is best for levels with large packs of throwing mobs to minimize push-back, but otherwise, save it for farming materials in easy areas. Always shield up right before you use it.

Postknight Alchemy6. Alchemy Herbs

At each town, you can turn in herbs to increase your bonus abilities and decrease use duration. The alchemist in each new town requires herbs from their own area, rendering your older herbs useless. But not really. Your health potion has a shared upgrade pool with all alchemists. You can still go back to older areas and submit those herbs to increase your health potion. Older herbs require more and more to advance as you increase your health potion upgrades, but every herb helps.

Be aware, that you can cap your green component at each stage. You cannot go below a 3-second cool-down.

Postknight Merchant7. Play the Merchant Game

When upgrading armor, you’ll need lots of materials. Some of those materials can only be obtained through the merchant. Start by checking the merchant for your items. Buy them and watch an ad to reset the merchant’s items.

If you run out of trade materials or face an ad-watch lockout, run areas to farm materials and gold for when you can reset the merchant again.

Note: The above advice I used in my play-through of the game. I tried this again while writing this up to see if the merchants shared the ad lock-out cool-down. The merchant allowed me to reset it once, and then a “no more tales available for today” appeared, and I wasn’t able to reset it a second time. This lockout was shared with the other merchants.

A day later, I tried again, and I couldn’t reset the merchant at all. I’m not sure if this was a change by Kurechi since I last played or maybe it’s triggered by completing the game. Either way, if that’s happening in your game, it will make maxing out armor more difficult.

Postknight Low Health8. Nearly Dead? Keep Going.

The inn allows you to spend gold to increase your resting health regen, but I didn’t discover this until I was nearly done with the game. I didn’t know the innkeeper did anything other than introducing you to the area.

If you die in a mission or finish with less than half health, you’re prevented from continuing on until you regain some health. At this point, you can spend gems at the inn to refill health, or watch an ad and do the same thing for free.

If you’re at half health, you can still technically continue on with what you’re doing, but it may be ill-advised. There’s no need to wait in town for your rest regeneration to catch up, though. Go back to an easier level that you know you can do with minimal damage. Healing up with your potions through that level will refill your health to the max and you’re gaining gold and experience with it. Less time wasted, more time adventuring.

Postknight Ranking9. Don’t Neglect Your Inbox

If you’re the kind of person who aims for the main story with tunnel vision, you might want to rethink your tactics. Especially if you’re struggling with a certain area, take a step back and work on some mailbox quests. Four are available at a time, but you can watch an ad and have them refreshed instantly.

The tokens you receive as rewards can be turned in to increase your postknight rank. A higher rank increases the amount of experience and gold you get from each run. It also increases the amount of gold and experience you earn offline. These bonuses can give you a better edge in your progression.

Postknight Griffondel Boss Fight10. Boss Tactics

It may be tempting to keep charging at a boss to do as much damage as possible, but hold your clicking finger for a second. Each boss has separate fight mechanics, and charging at the wrong time may result in more damage to you than anticipated. Take a moment to watch his actions and respond accordingly. If he shoots at you, shield up and wait. If he’s staying still, shield up and charge. If he’s running from you, charge away freely!

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