A Girl Adrift: Beginner’s Guide

A Girl Adrift is a simple fishing adventure story with a complex roster of upgrades, abilities, and things to do. This can seem quite confusing for new players. New items, abilities, places, and so on unlock all the way through rank 46. Late game starts at Rank 40. This guide will only cover up to rank 30 and will help break down essential components and offer tips for newer players.

a girl adrift fishing1. Keep it in the Blue

The fishing mechanics are simple. Tap once to cast and tap once to reel it in. When the fish health bar appears tap repeatedly to defeat it. The fishing meter’s background indicates the strength of the fish around you, and the color of the fish’s health bar indicates the fish’s strength. Aside from boss and rare fish, you will only catch the strength of fish you set your meter to.

Light Blue: very little effort needed to defeat the fish.

Blue: The sweet spot. Fish are easy to catch.

Blue-Purple: Bosses should, at the minimum, be in this range to defeat them. Regular fish are a little more difficult to catch, but it’s do-able.

Purple: Super difficult to catch. This is where the over-zealous tapping comes in. Regular fish are possible to catch, but you’re going to tire your arm out trying to sustain this. Bosses are almost impossible to catch. At lower levels, this may be possible, but as you get up in ranks, it’s not going to happen.

Purple-pink/ Pink: Don’t bother. These are impossible to reel in at your current level.

After you defeat a boss fish, the level range on your fishing meter increases. What may have been completely blue may turn mostly purple and pink. At that point, keep your cast to the bottom of the meter.

a girl adrift map2. Places

Harbors: Blue anchors on the map indicate a harbor. Each port has a single NPC to trade pearls with and give you quests. Fishing is not permissible here.

Pins: Each map pin is an open location to visit. If there is a yellow triangle sign, a rare fish can be caught there. If there’s a skull, a boss fight is available to fight. Spots with blue exclamation marks are the next spots to visit in your quest line.

Event Locations: Miscellaneous locations will appear on the map as you unlock them, including Alchemy island, Whack-A-Mole, Roulette, and your farm. Each of these locations offers mini-games or collection places for currencies.

There’s more: As of Rank 24, you can also access Thunderstorms for Legendary event battles to earn amber stones and Altars to turn the amber stones into perks. The Junkyard converts pearls and building materials to base stat increases. By this point, you should be quite skilled in your fishing adventure.

a girl adrift currencies

3. Currency Breakdowns

The game has multiple types of collectible currencies that unlock as you level through the game. Each currency has its own use.

Mana: These yellow-flaming spheres are collected to activate special abilities, like an increased fish rate and increased travel speed. You’ll find these floating with a parachute in the sky. Click on them to collect them.

Pearls: These rainbow-colored spheres are obtained by selling rare fish spoils to the port town vendor. You can also earn them at event stations, like the Alchemy island.

Use these to purchase vanity skins for your character and boat. Later, they’re used for additional upgrades on base stats XP and fish-cake gains and mana recharge rate.

Emblems (Mastery Points): These shield-style emblems with a squid engraving are obtained through event stations like Alchemy and Whack-A-Mole

Use these to unlock and upgrade valuable abilities like auto-fishing and the treasure detector.

Fishcakes: The spikey, swirly naruto are obtained from successfully beaten fish. Fishcakes can also float across the sky for you to tap and gather. You’ll also be able to collect heaps of them from your personal farm when that’s unlocked.

These upgrade your fishing pole and the other boat weapons you unlock.

Amber Stones: Get these while fighting the Legendary creature as mentioned above with Thunderstorms. Use the Amber Stones at Altars to increase base stats.

a girl adrift treasure hunting

4. Treasure Hunting with the Detector Scope

Building Materials, such as wood, stone, cloth, and springs are collected by unlocking the Detector Scope. These materials are used to upgrade event areas like the Whack-A-Mole and your farm.

How to use it: Click the grided pocket watch in the lower left corner to activate it. Watch for blue dots to appear on your fishing meter. Check your map and select a route that will take you over the blue dot. Watch your fishing meter for the blue dot to move into the center blue ring. Drop your line and you should fish up a piece of material.

What materials you fish up depends on where in the world you’re fishing, and it goes by progression order. The Busan area down to Sydney gives wood while fishing in North America area grants springs.

Auto fishing5. Auto-Fishing

The soonest you can unlock Auto-Fishing and a few upgrades, the more efficiently you can play. Under your Mastery Point Emblems, you’ll need to max your Auto-Fish category. At level 2, your phone will vibrate if you cannot auto-defeat the fish, so it requires you to still be attached to your screen to battle. To bypass this, you’ll need to unlock Auto Attack at the Auto-Fish Level 6 (max) to have completely hands-free auto fishing.

For more efficient auto-fishing, use Emblems to expand your inventory. Every rare fish defeated drops items, and if you max out your inventory, you will automatically dock at the nearest harbor. Max your Fishing Meter Holder to Level 2 to unlock Auto-Sell tickets.

Overnight auto-fishing is the most efficient way to level at higher ranks since bosses will require more and more level increases between them. Once you set your auto-fishing, plug your phone in, click the moon icon in the top right, and set your phone down for the night. In the morning, you’ll wake up ready to fight the next boss.

a girl adrift skins6. Skins

Skins can be purchased from harbors, and each harbor offers different stock. Pearls are used to purchase these cosmetic items. They aren’t just to look pretty, though. Each skin type (boat, fishing pole, hair, clothes, lanterns, storage, etc.) has an impact on a base stat like navigation speed and XP gain.

Later, you’ll be able to upgrade each of your pieces to 3-stars for maximum effect. This is done in Norway harbor by using the anvil.

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