Game Review: Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy Toolbox ComboLittle Alchemy 2 is a free, slide-to-combine puzzle game by Recloak. Download it from your app store, or play it in your browser at With 700 items to discover with more being added via updates, this game has a substantial amount of content. With each discovery, endless possibilities open up.


You start with four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Slide items onto your workstation to see if they combine. Some items you discover will have no combinations and are referred to as “Final” items. A dark circle appears behind Final items. Click to have it instantly removed your workstation. This is true with items when you’ve exhausted all possible combinations from them. These are called Depleted, and will also appear with a dark circle on your workspace and a dark background in your library. It’s rewarding when an item is no longer useful and disappears from your library.

Little Alchemy Recently DiscoveredUpdates

The game is relatively new, released in August 2017. Since then, Recloak is continuing to update the game (as of March 2018). Though many improvements have been made recently, such as smaller icons for more room on the workstation, there are a few more suggestions I have.

  • Recently Discovered only shows your past 6 discoveries. It would be better to have an option to view more up to 18. I say 18 because the rows are done in threes. Sometimes you get a new combination and you discover 10 or more items in quick succession. When I play, I like to use the new items to look for more combinations.
  • Like the Encyclopedia Item screen, I wish there was a drop-down menu of categories on the main workstation screen. If I have an item on my screen, and I know it’s compatible with all birds, I’d like to be able to narrow my library to just animals, so scrolling through several hundred items isn’t a chore.

You have to be careful when new items are added because some items may change criteria or final/depleted items are no longer that. I discovered Darkness, and after the most recent update, Darkness came up as my hint. I had to figure out a new way to find darkness again, and the way I discovered it before didn’t work. I also noticed items that were removed from my library were put back in.

Final Thoughts

The game is straight-forward, simple, and addicting to solve, collect, and depleted items. The simple Adobe Illustrator images give a clean feeling, and the game is not over-designed with complex illustrations. The music is reminiscent of delving into dungeons in old school video games.

The game can be played as casually as you want to play it. You can crunch long hours scouring through possibilities or take 15 minutes to try a few combinations you just thought of. If you’re into collect and complete games, this is a sure winner.

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