Game Review: 10 Billion Husbands

10 billion husbandsThis review contains no secret images spoilers.

This review is for 10 Billion Husbands but also includes 10 Billion Wives and 20 Billion Wives. They are idle clicker games by Masukachi Inc. with an Otome theme. I played all three, and they are the same game with more spouses to collect.

The concept is a little ridiculous since your love points technically refer to the number of marriage certificates you’ve turned in. Some of the husbands you unlock are kind of silly for an otome game. The music, especially for the 10 Billion games, is catchy ear-worm fodder. I find myself humming it on occasion.

The art style is cute, and the secret unlockable images are well rendered. The only drawback I have with the Husbands is their images are difficult to look at. I realized after unlocking a few, the outline strokes have red and blue lines flanking the black. I wonder if these are meant to be viewed with 3D glasses. I don’t have any, so I have not been able to check. The app page doesn’t clarify if this is the case.

The art style in 10 Billion Wives and 20 Billion Wives is the same, except the secret images, are clear with no red and blue lines.

10 Billion Husbands husbands 10 billion husband leveling upGameplay

The gameplay is simple. You can click the screen to add love points to your current Love tracker. Below the Love tracker is your LPS, or Love Per Second. Every second that passes accumulates that many Love Points. The points accumulate with or without the app open, depending on your internet connection.

In the husband tab, use your total Love Points to unlock and level up your husbands. At three milestones, you can purchase an item related to your husband to multiply his LPS permanently. The first item doubles your LPS from that husband, while the next two increase it x10 and x10 again. The fourth unlock is your secret image. Each husband has a secret image. It’s a detailed drawing of the chibi model in a casual pose. I feel those are the goal of the game so I will not include any images of those here.

Final Thoughts

I usually keep husband tab up when I have the game open. The constant right to left movement from the walking husbands o the main screen makes me feel a bit dizzy. Otherwise, this is a sweet little game to play in small bursts of time or to mindlessly tap away at while watching a good show. It’s worth a play in between other more intense games.



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