Game Review: A Girl Adrift

a girl adrift fishingA Girl Adrift is a free fishing-based adventure game by Team Tapas. In the midst of a completely flooded world, you navigate the open waters as a young girl with a fishing pole. There is an exhaustive amount of content in this game with collectibles, skills, abilities, quests, achievements, boss battles, legendary encounters, and so much more. I will not be able to cover every single nuance of this game but will do my best to give a brief overview of the most important features.

At present, I am Rank 29 which is a substantial number of in-game hours. According to the in-game rank map, it tops out at 46.


You start in Busan, South Korea and find your way to other ports, playing messenger between old friends around the world.


The main mechanics of the game are simple: you fish. Tap and hold the screen to drop your line. The background of the fishing meter can vary from blue to pink. Fish in the pink area are nearly impossible to catch, so you’ll want to keep your meter in the blue/purple range. An exclamation point lets you know when you’ve hooked a fish. Tap once to pull the fish up, then keep tapping to battle it. To unlock new areas, you’ll come face to face with rare species and boss fish to catch.

Besides fishing, there are other mechanics and customizations that you can read about over at my A Girl Adrift: Beginner’s Guide.

Final Thoughts

With a complex menu system and a wide variety of perks and abilities, the game may feel daunting. Stick with it and give it a chance. This game has no sense of urgency. The calm music, serene art, and casual style are perfect to play before bed or to kill time in a waiting room. This game is meant to keep you reeled-in for the long haul, and it’s worth it.

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