Game Review: Pastel Girl

Pastel Girl is a free paper doll style game by SeyeonSoft. I downloaded this game because of the sweet art style, the thousands of outfit you can make, and it’s an easy creative outlet. This game got me through many insomnia nights with


Starting with a blank form, you can customize every facet. There are lots of clothing options to choose from – tops, skirts, pants, outerwear, socks, and shoes.

Pants and skirts cannot be worn at the same time, but you can wear dresses (located in tops) over pants.

Tops will always have the doll’s arms behind her back. Arm positions are only included in outwear.

All clothing options fall in the same pastel rainbow category, but black, bright orange, and brown were added in seasonal clothing updates.

UI Buttons

Shopping Cart: You can purchase amendments to your closet with themed packages. Each set, including a no-ad option, range from $2-$3

Color Pallet: Appears only in the face and hair tabs. Change your skin color and hair color at your whim.

Layer: For several clothing options, you’ll have the layer option. Want your shoes in front of your pants? Your shirt tucked in? Click the layer option to flip back and forth.

Horizontal Mirror: Want your ponytail to swish left instead of right? Click the horizontal mirror button to flip it. Use it on a variety of accessories and hairstyles.

Undo & Redo: Use these to go back or forward to see if you like the outfit with or without the last thing you added. It only goes back and forwards 1.

Trash Can: Deletes any items off your doll from the current tab you’re on.

I usually start with clothing and pick everything else based on that. Once I pick an outfit, I move on to face and hair.

You can pick eyebrow style, eye shape/color, skin color, mouth style, and facial features like makeup.

Hair gives you three options: bangs, back, and ponytails, and you can select a different hair color for each layer if you want.

Pick accessories – neckpieces, bags, glasses, and headwear.

There are also additional elements to add. Stickers can add an additional layer to your clothes. Note the image on the left, I added a shooting star to her headband. Pick wings or a tail, add a speech bubble, text, and a background.

Save your creations in 200 free spaces and revisit your favorite looks.

The options in this game feel endless, and new sets are still being added, especially for holidays.

Let your inner fashionista out and get Pastel Girl if you enjoy any dress-up games.



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