10 Beginner Tips: Littlewood

Littlewood is an adorable “relaxing RPG” by Sean Young. I’ve played nearly 50 hours, and here’s some of my beginner tips. Keep in mind, the game is still in Early Access, and therefore, things may change over time. You can see my full Early Access review here.

1. Level your town. As you get ready to add more houses and buildings, just level your town, water and all. Starting with a clean slate will let you build the way you want to. The hills and water placement when you start isn’t conducive to town-planning, and you’ll start finding yourself running out of room. A lot of people want to live in your town.

2. Water in Town. Fish will spawn in the center of 3×3 squares of water. The best way to fish is to make a 3-square wise river going straight. You’ll be able to catch every fish that way, and they’ll spawn in a nice line.

3. Be Flexible with your town Layout. If you don’t plan on 100%ing this game, then put the buildings wherever you want. However, if you do, keep in mind your town may change. Each resident will have a list of their wants. This includes living near and NOT near other places. Some residents also prefer to live at higher elevations. Also, keep space available outside houses, as most residents request outside decor as well.

4. Upgrade Forest & Mine First. Help yourself out and increase your chances of getting the rarer ores and trees, so you don’t have to grind too hard to level the rest of your buildings and places.

5. Save at least 1 of everything. No spoilers, but you’ll need it later.

6. Tree Stumps. I played almost 3 years of in-game time before I realized that the tree stump decor isn’t decor at all – you plant stumps to get trees in your town. They do not grow back on their own.

7. Talk to Everyone. If you find yourself stuck and unable to do anything in the first month, talk to the people in your town.

8. Energy. Almost everything costs energy, even talking to people. Watch your energy bar. When you max it, a pop up states you need to go to bed. If you do anything else, you’ll pass out on the spot. The next morning, you’ll wake up int he same place with 25% of your energy gone.

9. Collect & Build your Rewards. At 50%, you can unlock special chests in the other areas. Build those rewards to increase your chances at rarer items, more money, and even golden produce.

10. Talk to the Green People. The Gobbys are drifters and will often show up in your town square, market, or restaurant. Every time you talk to them, they’ll give you something. Specially dressed Gobbys will sometimes give you furniture and decor.


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