Game Review: Tiny Room

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is an escape the room style game by Kiary Games. The game is free, but it’s not. The first act can be played without cost with a pop up ad after every chapter. After that, you’re left on a cliffhanger until you pay $2.49 for acts 2 and 3. There are no spoilers in this review.

act 1 chapter 1Story

You receive a letter from your father to come back home. When you arrive in town, there’s not a single person to be seen. At your father’s house, no one is home. You break in and start unraveling what happened to this now empty town.


This game is a typical escape the room game. Collect items and clues to solve puzzles and find a way forward.

  • Swipe to spin the room.
  • Tap to enter doors, move furniture, initiate puzzles, or collect items.
  • Tap the item in your inventory to use it and then tap the location you want to use it.
  • That’s pretty much it.

If you get stuck, there is a hint option. However, it’s not really a hint. You’ll be prompted to watch a 30 second ad, and then it’ll take you to a full walk-through YouTube video.


I spent a large chunk of my latter childhood years playing terrible escape the room Flash games. For me, a good escape the room game has an eerie atmosphere and makes the player fear that danger could be lurking behind any corner. This game does that.

In the chapters I played, the puzzles ranged from easy to challenging, but none were outright impossible. Once per chapter, I was stuck on how a clue translated to solve a puzzle, and there was only 1 puzzle that I could not figure out where the clue was. It’s preferable to play this type of game on a tablet, but I had no trouble seeing what I needed to on my phone.

The first act was relatively short, completing it in a few hours. I would have preferred actual hints and not scrubbing through a video to find what I was looking for. All of the puzzles I got stuck on were near the ends of the chapters.

Overall, it was a nice looking, well written, and well designed escape the room game. I hope Kiary Games makes more of these.

Stuck? Here are my out of context hints:

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