Cozy Grove: All Cooking Recipes Profit Breakdown

If you have a ton of ingredients floating around and you want to make a quick buck, what’s the best bang? Here’s a comprehensive list of all cooking recipes with their sell prices and the breakdown of how much the ingredients sell for to determine if you want to craft for a profit.

The best for profit are single ingredient recipes, especially Fruit Tincture, (see the Money Making Guide) since imp, bird, and deer essences are used to craft decor and purchase flowers.

Reminder: You will always want to craft at least one of each to donate.

RecipeSell PriceIngredient Sell PricesMake To Sell?
Boiled Egg288288no
Deviled Egg3,6003,456yes, but then make Thousand Year Egg
Bon Bon100 each, batch makes 20 (2,000)2,100no
Hearty Stew3,00013,440No!
Fruit Salad4001,749No!
Farmer Salad4,8003,628yes, but the roasted fruit is better made into Tincture
Dessert Salad20,00026,000No!
Egg Salad400173yes
Cob Salad4,8002,076yes
Savory Salad20,00023,648No!
Green Salad4001,649No!
Chef Salad4,8004,028ok
Oligarch Salad20,00026,100No!
Cocoa Tart300375ok
Chocolate Pie3,0004,190No!
Chocolate Galette15,00050,050NO!!!!
Sell the Tincture
Panna Cotta300329no
Caramel Custard3,0004,164No!
Fancy Flan15,00050,048 NO!!!!
Sell the Tincture
Camp Churros300825No!
Jammy Danish3,0004,540No!
Fruit Profiterole15,00051,500 NO!!!!
Sell the Tincture
Mushroom Loaf4001,405No!
Savory Bread4,0001,700Yes!
Potato Donut4,0001,000Yes!
Vegan Challah6,0002,700Yes!
Hard Roll400705No!
Pretzel Bun4,0001,000Yes!
Sourdough Loaf6,0003,200Yes!
Pickled Fruit200665No!
Chutney4,8004,420ok, Jam is better for Tincture
Medical Tonic10,00026,500NO!!!!
Sell the Tincture
Pickled Egg200529No!
Tea Egg4,8001,088Yes!
Thousand Year Egg10,0006,100Yes!
Pickled Veggie200529No!

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