Cozy Grove Money Making Guide

Making money in Cozy Grove can be easy with a little knowledge. I’ve scoured the wiki, crunched the numbers, and experimented in-game so you don’t have to. These methods involve 1 ingredient tactics for easy farming and conversion. This comprehensive list also has tips on how to maximize your resources. Note, I do not spec “unique” quality items. Also note, there may be some minor spoilers for recipes and rewards.

  1. Flowers: 350 coins each.

Because of the flower descriptions, you might already know this one. Mr. Kit buys flowers for 350 coins each. This is the easiest early-game way to get some cash.

Plant potted flowers together to get a 3-leaf rating and harvest x3 flowers each time. These include Iris, Poppy, Dahlia, Tulip, and Coneflower. These can only be harvested when lit, and I recommend starting your flower garden at your home base.

Flowering bushes like Azalea, Beebalm, Aster, Lilac, and Lupine work differently to get the 3-leaf rating. They like other flowering bushes, but hate common items, which can mean other flowering bushes. Plant common flowering bushes further apart with a lot of natural decor around them. Feel free to plant rarer fruit bushes near common ones.

Turn in new flowers to Captain Snout for 500 coins. There are over 360 varieties.

2. Shells: varies.

This is another early game money method. Comb your beach every so often to pick up shells. They sell from a few hundred to a few thousand coins. Don’t forget to donate new shells. Also, if you have the room, keep a few rare and legendary shells for quests. However, do not store these on the ground, as they can mess with beach spawns.

3. Fruit: Make 24,000 coins with each Fruit Tincture. ◄◄◄◄

Here it is – the BIGGEST bang for your buck: fruit. Once you’ve unlocked the correct recipes, this should be your main focus. Keep a few non-roasted fruit for quests, but burn everything else. Roasted fruit sells for more than non-roasted. Once you unlock the Fruit Jam recipe, start converting roasted fruit to sell. Then, once you get Fruit Tincture, your gold mine is ready.

  • Roasted Fruit: 160 coins
    • Fruit (Citron, Pear, Apple, Pawpaw, Plum): 100 coins (yields 1 roasted = 160 coins)
    • Fruit (Goldenberry, Snowberry): 60 coins (yields 2 roasted = 120 coins)
  • Fruit Jam: 1,920 coins (requires 5 roasted fruit = 800 coins)
  • Fruit Tincture: 24,000 coins (requires 5 fruit jam = 9,600 coins)

Plant your fruit trees together to get the 3-leaf rating and harvest x3 fruit each time. Fruit trees can only be harvested when lit, so chain lamps around your island to discover any hidden fruit trees.

Snowberry and Goldenberry bushes are the best to have, since each berry yields 2 roasted fruit. Plant these together for the 3-leaf rating and harvest x3 fruit each time.

4. Mushrooms: Make 2,880 with each Mushroom Tofu.

Just like fruit, roast your mushrooms before selling. Once you unlock Mushroom Tofu, you can craft those for an additional bump. Crafting any higher to the Mushroom Tamari yields a profit loss.

  • Roasted Mushroom: 240 coins each
    • Brown: 50 coins (yields 1 roasted = 240 coins)
    • Red: 100 coins (yields 2 roasted = 480 coins)
    • Poison: 250 coins (yields 3 roasted = 720 coins)
    • Trumpet: 500 coins (yields 4 roasted = 960 coins)
    • Chantrelle: 1,000 coins (yields 5 roasted = 1,200 coins))
  • Mushroom Tofu: 2,880 coins each (requires 10 roasted = 2,400)
  • Mushroom Tamari: 12,000 coins (requires 10 tofu = 28,800 coins)

5. Root Veggies

Just like fruit and mushrooms, roast you root veggies! Once you unlock Vegetable Broth, you can convert your roasted veggies to broth for a 500 coin bump per 20. Just like with mushrooms, crafting up a tier yields a profit loss.

  • Roasted Root Vegetables: 100 coins each
    • Potato: 20 coins (yields 3 roasted = 300 coins)
    • Sweet Potato: 40 coins (yields 6 roasted = 600 coins
    • Turnip: 100 coins (yields 9 roasted = 900 coins)
    • Radish: 200 coins (yields 12 roasted = 1,200 coins)
    • Parsnip: 400 coins (yields 15 roasted = 1,500 coins)
  • Vegetable Broth: 2,500 coins (requires 20 roasted vegetables)
  • Fancy Broth: 10,000 coins (requires 20 broth = 50,000 coins)

Other Profit Methods

  1. Quests: This is a no-brainer for pretty much any game. Not only will quests yield some money, but you receive rewards like fruit trees, snowberry bushes, and flowering plants that set you up for making more money.

2. Donate: Donate one of each item to Captain Snout, as donated items ALWAYS reward you more than outright selling. Flowers yield 500 coins for each new one (and there’s a LOT of flower varieties), and fish range from 1,200 for tiny/common to 7,500 for huge/legendary. Plus, you might earn other rewards like crafting recipes.

3. Fish: Always burn common tiny, common middling, and uncommon tiny fish. Charred fish bones sell for 50 coins, and those 3 fish types sell for less than that. The rest of the fish types sell for between 50 coins and 300 coins.

Edit: I didn’t take into account the number of charred fish each level gives. Like all every other foraged item, the burning is the way to go to increase profits. For burn and profit details, visit the Wiki page.

4. Greens: Always upgrade your greens at the bakery to the next tier for a bit more profit.

  • Mixed: 24 coins
  • Fancy: 288 coins (10 mixed)
  • Deluxe: 3,600 coins (10 fancy)

5. Other Cooking Recipes: I’ve compiled the full analysis in the Full Recipe Profit Breakdown. It weighs the sell price of the ingredients versus the dish sell price. Here are the ones that do make a profit: Egg Salad, Cob Salad, Deviled Egg to Thousand Year Egg, Tea Egg, Chef Salad, Cocoa Tart, Savory Bread, Lembas, Potato Donut, Vegan Challah, Pretzel Bun, Sourdough Loaf, Sauerkraut, and Kimchi.

6. Unwanted Furniture: Get an ugly table as a quest reward? Sell it. You’ll get enough lamps and stuff you like to earn your badges.

What not to sell:

  1. Crafting Materials: Ore and wood can be converted to lamps pretty easily, but lose their value doing so. For instance, 1 softwood sells for 20 coins. A common log cabin lamps takes 8 to create but only sells for 100. Likewise, iron ore sells for 50 coins. A common steampunk lamp takes 8 ore and also sells for 100 coins. You’re better off lighting up your island. Plus, some bears frequently request wood and ore for daily quests.
  2. Nuts & Nut Flower: You’ll need this for quests and cooking far more often than you’ll have spares to sell. Nuts and Nut Flower both have a sell price of 100 coins.

Did I miss any lucrative ventures in Cozy Grove? Let me know in the comments below what your best money maker is and if you use one of these listed above.

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